January 2010 eruption

GORISK Eruption Report n°5
“Situation on 16th and 17th January 2010”


A new lava flow from the eruptive vent, flowing towards South-West. (Photo by B. Smets – RMCA)

The East and West lava flows didn’t move further. Less smoke in local and isolated places.

A new lava flow was identified flowing towards South-West produced from the same eruptive vent. Red fresh lava is clearly visible at the new lava flow front. The length of this new lava flow was about 4.5 km in the morning of the 17th January. This lava flow is only a threat for the forest of the Virunga National Park.

The height of lava fountains remains identic to previous days. They are focused in the eruptive vent and still reach heights of about 100 m. The eruptive cone is still growing up.

No activity was observed inside the caldera itself.