GORISK Scientific Network

Panoramic view on Goma city and Nyiragongo from the top of Mt Goma (2006).

The GORISK Scientific Network is born from the Belgian-Luxembourgian GORISK project (2007-2010), which aimed at improving volcano monitoring, hazard assessment and risk mitigation in the Goma region (North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo). All the experience acquired during this challenging project has led to the development of an expertise in the study and monitoring of the active Virunga volcanoes. At the end of the project, scientists have decided to maintain collaborations through a scientific network.

The main objectives of the GORISK Scientific Network are:

– To maintain and develop the study and the monitoring tools developed during the GORISK project using both ground-based and spaceborne techniques.

– To contribute to volcanic and tectonic risk management.

– To provide a scientific response in case of volcanic or tectonic event in order to facilitate crisis management by the local authorities and the humanitarian community.

This website offers information about volcano-tectonic activity in the Kivu rift basin (local context, eruptive activity, related hazards, etc.) and the GORISK Scientific Network. To access to this information, we invite you to visit the pages listed in the upper menu.


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