The GORISK Scientific Network is a group of scientists working on the study and the monitoring of the volcanic and tectonic activity in the Kivu rift basin (western branch of the East African Rift System). It is born from the Belgian-Luxembourgian GORISK project.

Launched in January 2007 in the frame of the STEREOII program, the GORISK project was based a multidisciplinary approach focused on the implementation and improvement of ground-based and spaceborne tools for volcanic risk and health impact assessment in the Goma region (North Kivu, DRC). This area (potentially 1 million people) is threatened by two highly active volcanoes: Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira. The January 2002 eruption of Nyiragongo had an important and long-term economical, socio-political and humanitarian impact on the region. Though the Nyamulagira is not a major direct threat for populations. It erupts every two years and is a potential concern for some inhabited areas and road infrastructures . More information about the GORISK project (including the GORISK final report) is available here.