January 2010 eruption

GORISK Eruption Report n°8
“Situation on 22nd and 23rd January 2010”

The eruptive cone is closed as the eruptive material has joined the two asymetric sides. A small lava lake with moderate fountaining activity is formed.

During last three days, the eruptive activity has decreased.

The lips of the eruptive cone are now joined and the cone contains a lava lake with small fountains. Seismic records show important tremors linked to this activity inside the cone. A channel drains the lava out from a small outlet at the base of the cone, on its southwestern flank.

Since the 22nd January, the eastwards lava flow has stopped ~5 km far from the vent. The channel now feeds a small flow moving southwards, following the same path as the most western flows.

The current activity doesn’t threaten neighbouring population and infrastructure. Only the Virunga National Park remains affected.