January 2010 eruption

GORISK Eruption Report n°6
“Situation on 19th January 2010”

The eruptive fissure South-East of the caldera remains active as it was in the last few days. Moderate to small lava fountains (from few tenths to ~ hundreds meters high) eject now lower volumes of lava compared to a week ago. Only one extremely small lava flow was moving towards the south-west flank of the volcano. The lava flow, firstly detected last week-end seems to have traveled only ~400 m in the last two days and it looks  poorly fed.

Although the lava fountains are still present, their intensity, height and volumes are slowly decreasing.

All lava fronts seem not to progress and at least two of them, those at 10,5 Km from the eruptive fracture, have completely stopped few days ago. The treat to the road Goma -Sake, the major road axe of the area, is mostly over with the activity recorded in the last days.